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What Items Are Included In My Rent?

All utilities are included:

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • High Speed Wireless and Ethernet Internet in Every Bedroom!
  • Cable with over 100 channels
  • Telephone Connections
What Do I Need To Know About My Room?

Furniture Provided by Tubman & West Village 1 Houses

  • 2 desks and chairs
  • 2 dressers
  • 2 extra long twin beds
  • Micro-refrigerator

Figuring out what to pack for college can be confusing. Check out our What To Bring- Checklist for a helpful list of what to bring and what to leave at home.

In order to assure the safety of all our residents and the maintenance of our facilities the Room Decorations Policy must be followed.

Inspections will be performed before move-in and at move out. Students will be financially responsible for removal, repair or any damage caused by room decorations. Room Condition Report Instructions

How Does tubman & West Village 1 Houses Handle Parking?

Tubman and West Village 1 Houses do not have a parking lot for its residents, please visit Towson University’s Parking Services page for information about other on-campus parking options.

Can I Use My Financial Aid To Pay My Rent?

Financial Aid and loans can be used to pay for your housing at Tubman and West Village 1 Houses. However, you must notify Financial Aid that Tubman and West Village 1 Houses is on-campus housing, but privately owned and managed. You will need to contact the Financial Aid Office (410-704-4239) to find out what will be covered under your award package. If funds are there, we won’t expect your rental payment until you receive your rebate check, provided you submit the Financial Aid Agreement, documentation of your aid, and the anticipated date that the funds will be available. You must provide to Tubman and West Village 1 Houses official documentation (copy of award letter / printout of Online Services award page) to confirm your award. Otherwise, you will be subject to a five percent (5%) late fee for not paying your rent on time. Please complete and submit the Financial Aid Agreement to Tubman and West Village 1 Houses, not Towson University. Any Towson University based expenses being covered by financial aid will be applied directly by the University. You will then be issued a rebate check for any remaining amount that you can use to pay for your rent. The Financial Aid Office doesn’t pay Tubman and West Village 1 Houses directly.

What Is My Mailing Address?

Your Mailing Address is:

West Village 1 House
Your Name
TU West Village 1 Unit #8XXX
415 Towson Way
Towson, Maryland 21252

Tubman House
Your Name
TU Tubman Unit #7XXX 
425 Towson Way
Towson, Maryland 21252

(These last 3 digits after 7 or 8, depending on your buildings, should be your room number. Units with only 2 numbers should us a ‘0’ in front. EX: Unit #7042 for Tubman room 42 or Unit #8308 for West Village 1 room 308.)

Who Provides Cable, Internet, and Telephone Services?

Tubman and West Village 1 Houses has arranged with Apogee to provide service. Cable and Internet service is included in your rent and provides residents with the ease of having one company to work with.  Telephone services can be ordered through Apogee. Any questions or service related issues would be handled by Apogee by contacting their toll free number 1-855-241-1590 or by going to their website Wireless internet access is also available in the lounge areas of the building and in bedrooms.

How Can I Get Involved?
One way to get the most of your college experience is to get involved. University Residence Government (URG) is a great way to promote a positive living and learning environment, work cooperatively with others and have fun.

All Residents are automatically members of this organization. Building Councils form at the beginning of the fall semester and work throughout the year with URG. Speak to your RA for more information.

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